In the beginning …

On this page in late January 2013 will appear a post containing the first instalment of Fare Game, a story about a cabbie called Driver Ancelotti; part Don Juan, part Don Quixote. Those two Spanish Dons epitomise opposites in many ways; violent womaniser versus chivalrous gentleman, wealthy gambler versus virtuous knight, even if in somewhat tarnished armor.

Driver is an Italian manifestation of much that they stand for, blending their differences and similarities into one not so ordinary man. Resident of Carlton, movie buff, coffee snob, cyclist and one-time lawyer, Driver’s cab sometimes offers refuge, sometimes a magic carpet ride.

I don’t yet know how the story ends, although I have a few ideas. But I can at least tell you how it starts …

Driver Ancelotti, lawyer turned taxi driver, gets a call from his best and oldest friend – Marco ‘Punter’ Scarponi – to pick him up outside the Westin on Collins Street. Fast. Punter jumps into the cab, his agitation threatening to bubble over, and they set off in urgent but discreet pursuit of a Silver BMW. Punter is the Victorian minister for transport and racing and the Beemer is driven by Punter’s direct political opponent. Driver doesn’t initially know it, but Punter’s wife Stephanie is in the passenger seat of the Beemer and she’s directing Punter’s rival to her home so she can bed him.

There’s more about it on the Fare Game page. As each episode unfolds, post-by-post on this blog, I hope that people will follow Driver’s progress and provide their own ideas of where he might be headed.

The blog is not yet fully built. If you stumble across this post prior to late-January 2013 and what is here rouses your interest, click the ‘FOLLOW’ button to the right of the page and leave your email address. I’ll be sure to let you know when Driver’s story begins.

Until then …

Mick McCoy

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