A short pause before releasing the clutch

I’m ready to go, truly I am. The first post is written and could so easily have gone live today, only for my resolve to be weakened and ultimately defeated by the realisation that trying to wrestle the attention of my invited audience while they were preparing to get children to school the following day may be a crap idea.

So I didn’t even send the invitations. HTFU, you might say.

But really, what hope did I have? School bags are being dragged from the dark recesses of bedroom cupboards. Uniforms are being tried on, mended or replaced. Student travel passes are being searched for and topped-up … and so much more. Good chance I can’t compete with that.

So Friday is now the day. 1st February. Not that it won’t be challenged by others confronting last-minute back-to-school preparations, but at least the first wave of students will have resumed their academic routine, opening a wedge of time in the days of some readers into which I might position Driver’s tales. And if Friday is still too hectic there’s a weekend the next day in which to indulge.

Seems like a plan. I’m going with it.

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