Rosie goes to town / 3 Fare Game posts this week

I’m in uncharted territory here. If it was a desert it’d be getting hotter and drier, if it was the ocean it’d be getting deeper and more shark-infested. But that’s all a bit melodramatic, isn’t it? More like I’ve wandered down a lane way and while I’m a little bit lost, I know home is around here some place. HTFU.

This is all by way of saying that later this week I’ll be 3/4 of the way through posting Fare Game and I can smell the finish line. I can smell home some place nearby. And, quite frankly, I’m getting excited!

Tomorrow I will start posting chapter 8 and when I began carving it up on the week-end I came up with five posts, with the second and third being two halves of a single scene. So I’m going to adjust my schedule and post on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. That’s three posts in a week, people. I’m speeding up, not slowing down.

When I started posting Fare Game the thing that worried me most was that my self-imposed schedule would be too fast for me to keep up with. You know, letting my ambitions get too far ahead of my ability. That seems to be increasingly easy to do in my post-50 years, unfortunately. I re-stated this fear at the half-way point just three or four weeks ago.

But I’m going to make it!

I don’t know what the main driver has been (pun intended) but as Driver’s story has unfolded and I have settled into a level of discipline that I have never previously been able to apply to writing fiction, I have found that the intensity of the hours has been a good thing for me. The closeness I have been able to maintain with Driver and Minnie and the rest of the crew has meant that I feel more intimately connected with them and can more quickly imagine the world they live in and how they respond to its challenges.

The result is an up-swing in productivity which, I hope, hasn’t come at the price of reader engagement.

Rosie goes to town

Rosie goes to town

So what’s the ‘Rosie goes to town’ bit? Rosie is the family dog, a Staffie-cross mutt we rescued from the pound six years ago. She’s the little sister to Harry the homosexual cat who gets a mention in Fare Game. Anyway, I wouldn’t have the opportunity for this intensity of writing if it weren’t for an understanding family and, on the weekend, to give me some quiet, they took our dog into the city.

It was a Sunday morning and pretty quiet, as you can see, but she looks pretty relaxed.

My eldest daughter just had to buy herself a Polaroid camera the other day – even though we have we have a perfectly decent digital SLR camera, plus her phone has a camera, plus … but what am I thinking? It is unimportant and quite usual that I don’t understand the reasons for this purchase – and she used the new camera to take some shots of street art while she was in town with Rosie. Maybe I need to change my banner photo some time soon?


4 thoughts on “Rosie goes to town / 3 Fare Game posts this week

  1. Cannot wait Mick, we are in USA been to LA, in Miami now and off to NYC tomorrow morning for a week and your posts have been keeping me going when jet lag set in.
    Thanks enjoying it? Louie

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