You will be familiar with the ‘phoenix’ bit; the whole cyclical regeneration thing, courtesy of those wonderfully creative Greek mythologists. And the ‘mc’ bit should be equally clear in the context of my name, although there’s nothing remotely Greek about that.

Add them together and you have mcphoenix, which is appropriately whimsical, to my ears at least. But that’s all about the nature of the blog’s name and not at all about the blog’s intent, which is simple. I want to get back in the game. I want people to read my writing – the serialisation of a hopefully future novel – on this blog in such vast numbers and with such unrestrained relish that publishers take note and full-form publication of the story in either or both of electronic and paper form is a mere formality.

Twelve years back I had the solid beginnings of a novel writing career, with Burning Sunday published by Sceptre in 1999 (and short-listed for The Age Book of the Year) and Cutting Through Skin following two years later through the same publisher. The publication of Burning Sunday in particular was met with encouraging reviews (see Published). Then life got in the way and that fledgling career as a novelist withered. You know the story, its common enough.

So if I’m going to get back in the game I’ve got some work to do. mcphoenix is, as the tagline proclaims, the re-animation of my writing adventures. I’m recycling myself and while there’s a risk the result may turn out to be rubbish, I’m confident it won’t. I’m confident my recycled self is a better prepared writer with a more fully lived life than the rookie.

Fare Game

Through this blog I will ‘serialise’ the story of what I hope will become my third published novel: Fare Game. And to avoid the perils of procrastination and other misadventures, I’m going to make the following commitments to myself and to you:

  1. I will post twice each week, Tuesdays and Fridays, I think … but don’t hold me to those days
  2. Each post will contain 1,000 to 2,500 words
  3. While there will not be a cliff-hanger every post (I hope you don’t mind) I have a vested interest in keeping the story pacy and engaging enough for you to come back for the next post
  4. I will read and respond to every piece of feedback I get. If there are only three of you, that’s not a difficult commitment to keep. If there are more of you than I have fingers and toes … I’ll think of something

That seems a bold enough quartet of commitments to start with, don’t you think? Especially since I’m a newbie at this blogging caper. I’ve already started the writing and have a number of episodes worth of story ready to post, but I can’t say I’m not challenged by the schedule I’ve set. Please, wish me luck!

By contrast, you – my readers – will be enviably experienced. If you return the commitment by coming with me on my ride, at least a part of the way, I will do my level best to repay you with engaging characters, intriguing plot lines and fluent prose. If you feel so inclined, here’s a couple of things you could do:

  1. Click ‘Follow’ to the right of the page to get email notifications of each new post.
  2. Like Mcphoenix Ink on Facebook
  3. Follow mcphoenix_ink on Twitter
  4. Tell your friends to do the same

And if it works once … if Fare Game and the manner of its genesis, is a success … I will endeavour to do it again.

So … deep breath … here we go! I hope this is the start of something beautiful between us. That is my one and only aim for mcphoenix.

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