Fare Game

Note: This page gives an introduction to Fare Game. Think of it as a book’s back cover.

The story itself, published in episodes, will be posted twice weekly on the Home page.

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The Blurb

Usually, the blurb isn’t written until the story is complete, so I’m at a fairly major disadvantage on that point. That’s balanced by the not-so-major advantage of not being limited by the need to squeeze something punchy and engaging into the top left corner of a back cover. Anyway, I can tell you how it starts …

Driver Ancelotti, lawyer turned taxi driver, gets a call from his best and oldest friend – Marco ‘Punter’ Scarponi – to pick him up outside the Westin on Collins Street. Fast. Punter jumps into the cab, his agitation threatening to bubble over, and they set off in urgent but discreet pursuit of a Silver BMW. Punter is the Victorian minister for transport and racing and the Beemer is driven by Punter’s direct political opponent. Driver doesn’t initially know it, but Punter’s wife Stephanie is in the passenger seat of the Beemer and she’s directing Punter’s rival to her home so she can bed him. That, of course, is what has Punter so hot under the collar.

Plans for exacting revenge on Punter’s rival are hatched, although the rival brings himself undone with a drunken and politically disastrous speech, along with some more general buffoonery, perfectly timed in the lead-up to an election.

What Else?

Driver’s own life is dangerously out of balance. In the ten days between Punter’s frantic ride and Driver’s equally anxious dash through the car-soaked streets of inner-suburban Melbourne to pilot his pregnant wife Minnie to hospital, there passes a tale of loss, infidelity, political intrigue, cruel injustice and – ultimately – redemption.

Along the way, Driver’s passion for espresso, movies and cycling are revealed. His long friendship with Punter, his tumultuous relationship with Minnie and his fractured life with his father are exposed and explored.

How do you deal with the untimely and suspicious death of your father? Why would you throw away a promising career in law to follow the risky, uncertain and – many would say – unrewarding life of a taxi driver? How does the scar tissue from the decisions you make affect your life? Or your family’s life? And in the wake of such human turbulence how do you find the path to a life truly, passionately and fully lived?

That’s the distance traversed by Driver Ancelotti, with direction and misdirection along the way not just of his own invention, but also from Minnie, Punter, Frank Postman, The Innocent and her No Good Boyfriend, The Urologist and his cheating ways, and raft of others characters with walk-on roles, as the Melbourne spring racing carnival of 2012 delivers its share of winners and losers. And after all, they’re all fair game in the Fare Game, aren’t they?

Why Should You Care?

These are people you’ll know, in some cases, first hand. Or people you’ll recognise from the daily news. Or people you’ve heard about at drinks after work, dinner with friends, or backyard barbeques with family. People whose actions and words are close enough to your own to leave you wondering what you might have done in their shoes.

So please, take a seat in Driver’s taxi and come along for the ride.

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