Top 5 Songs About Waitresses

Seth Sentry, The Waiter Minute EP

Seth Sentry, The Waiter Minute EP

Driver has a thing about waitresses. When I proposed that he’d do a top 5 waitresses list I did not anticipate the lobbying and flagrant offers of sexual favours from the waitresses of Melbourne that the mere mention of such a list would stimulate. Yes, stimulate.

To avoid a nasty scene I have no choice but to change the top 5 from a list of actual waitresses to one listing waitresses dedicated to song. Whether the songwriters experienced the same close treatment from their subjects I don’t know. What I do know is that if you believe a word of this introduction you are easily led astray. Just the kind of reader I fancy. Continue reading

Top 5 Passengers in Driver’s Taxi

Megan Gale @ Australia's Next Top Model. Wikimedia Commons

Megan Gale @ Australia’s Next Top Model. Wikimedia Commons

A month ago I wrote a post about Driver’s Top 5 Top 5s – his five favourite Top 5 lists. Driver’s favourite 5 passengers was not one of the top 5 lists I nominated. That’s because:

  1. It should have been and I forgot
  2. I’m stupid
  3. It is in the nature of Top 5 lists that the selections will change
  4. All of the above

The answer doesn’t really matter because it’s the Top 5 I’m starting with. And I think it’s a good one. It will tell you something more about Driver – of all the people he’s had in his taxi, which 5 left the most lasting and meaningful impression? They might not be the most important, they might not be the most famous, but they are the ones that Driver wants to put in the Top 5, so their selection says more about him as they do about the renown of the passengers themselves. Continue reading