The Ride

Note: This page gives an introduction to blog posts about the experience of writing Fare Game. The posts themselves will appear on the Home page.

The Ride is where I will blog about the experience of blogging Fare Game. Why? Because the whole thing is new to me. No, that’s not true. The writing itself isn’t new but everything else is. And sharing the experience itself might at least serve as a blueprint for what not to do, for others in my position.

Creating the blog, choosing a theme, figuring out what pages to build, figuring out the difference between a page and a post, connecting the blog to social media, choosing images … Yes, it will be patently clear that I am coming off a very low base. When every second person has been blogging for years, by the time the first episode of Fare Game is posted in late-January 2013, I will have been at it for about a month.

And then there’s the questions around serialising the manuscript. How long should each post be? How often should I post?  Should each post have a climax or a cliff-hanger? Or, more realistically, will it matter that each post doesn’t have a climax or a cliff-hanger? (Plenty of them will, but the cliffs might not provoke much tension if they’re only three feet high.)

But even that’s all very superficially mechanical. I have some chapters in the bank, but pretty soon the schedule I’m proposing for the posting of episodes is going to catch up to me. That’s going to be kinda terrifying, to be honest. What will I be like to live with? Will my wise, loyal, talented, beautiful wife (yep, gratuitous sucking up on my part) have deep enough reserves of patience? Will my daughters? Will Harry, the family cat, who I will allege in Fare Game is homosexual, still kiss my chin? Will Rosie, the family dog, feel neglected by not getting a role?

Trials and tribulations people. Laid bare. Here.

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