What the Light Reveals

What the Light Reveals will be released by Transit Lounge in March 2018. The blurb: In an increasingly divided and intolerant world, What the Light Reveals is a beacon: a novel that brilliantly captures the sometimes devastating consequences of individual belief. Conrad is an Australian who is wrongly accused of passing military secrets to the... Continue Reading →

Cutting Through Skin

Cutting Through Skin was published in 2001 by Sceptre. Its writing was assisted by funding from Arts Victoria and the Australia Council. The blurb goes like this: “Sometimes I would close my eyes with the tip of the scalpel poised and ready and just feel its progress as it cut through the skin. I’d hold the blade... Continue Reading →

Burning Sunday

Burning Sunday was published in 1999 by Sceptre. It was short-listed for The Age Book of the Year. The back cover blurb has this to say: When teenage Mark awakens to find his father has gone, he becomes aware that his parents’ marriage is suddenly in crisis. In the process of playing watchful peace-maker in the muted war between them,... Continue Reading →

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