About Mick

_DSC0778Mick McCoy has written three novels with the latest, What the Light Reveals (Transit Lounge), due for release in March, 2018.

About What the Light Reveals:
‘A story about an Australian family facing the ruin of both bonds and belief. Atmospheric, intensely original and utterly unforgettable.’
M. J. Hyland , author of Carry Me Down (short-listed for the 2006 Man Booker Prize) and This is How

The first two were published some time back: Burning Sunday (Sceptre, 1999), which was short-listed for The Age Book of the Year, and Cutting Through Skin (Sceptre, 2001).


About Burning Sunday:
‘It’s consistency of tone, its preciseness and faultless structuring combine to create an unforgettably tense atmosphere. McCoy is utterly confident, writing with a conviction and ease that suggest more years at the typewriter than he could possibly have had.’ Tegan Bennet, Sydney Morning Herald
‘McCoy manages to relate a tale that, in one way or another, will resonate with us all, adult or teenager alike. It is – to its great credit – a very real and moving story.’ Matt Condon, Sydney Sun Herald

Find out more: https://mickmccoy.com/

Before the books, I did a Ph.D. in exercise physiology at Melbourne University, and worked for seven seasons as the head of player conditioning at AFL club Richmond. Go Tiges!

You might have noticed the gap in that publication history. Between the books I founded, built and successfully sold fitness2live, an online health and wellbeing business.

A weekly Saturday morning talk-back segment on ABC 774 extended across five years, while print journalism appeared in The Age, Financial Review Magazine, The Sunday Age, The Qantas Club Magazine, The West Australian, Business Review Weekly and more.

What the Light Reveals has been a long time coming. It’s publication signals a return that will stick.

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