mcphoenix is a writing blog. If I can hold my nerve it will be a blog not only about writing but also of writing.

Yes, I do see the perversity of such a statement on a page titled ‘About’ … and I ask that you allow me the indulgence of a few words about me, the blog and other necessary stuff to build some context around my posts of writing. Initially, those posts will be episodes, chapter fragments and scenes taken from Fare Game, a story manuscript that will grow on these pages from the opening scene on Collins Street to the climax in the back seat of Driver’s taxi (literally).

The Fare Game posts will begin in late January 2013.

Oh, and a word about the photo in the page banner. My daughter Phoebe took it and, as a rule, I will try to use her photos and only her photos on this blog. This one was taken in September 2011 in a lane way off Degraves Street in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Phoebe said she was attracted by the ‘newness’ and ‘temporariness’ of the shoes hanging by their laces from the solid, permanence of the street light. I like it a lot.

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